Palm Sunday

Jesus may have ridden into Jerusalem on a donkey, but we drove our cars to church on Palm Sunday and waved our palm branches out our windows! We honked our Hosanna!

God has blessed Community UMC with a beautiful, expansive property that enables us to host Drive-In Church in the midst of the pandemic. It enables us to maintain social distancing and keep people safe, while gathering as a body of Christ at the same time.

I have been so impressed with the spirit of community, the willingness to lend a hand, and the creative ideas of the CUMC family. We are going to take this lemon and make lemonade to God’s glory.

For your information, we checked with legal, municipal and religious authorities to make sure we are incompliance with all applicable guidelines. We have also ordered an FM radio transmitter that will allow you to listen on your car radio at the property in the future.

God is doing something special at CUMC. Make sure you reach out by phone to share the love of Jesus. There may be a pandemic, but CUMC is a vibrant family of God sharing the love of Jesus with our neighbors!

Christ’s peace be with you!
Pastor Mark

Rev. Mark Abbott, PhD

Pastor Mark is an ordained elder from the Northwest Texas Conference in retired relationship on loan to the Florida Annual Conference. Prior to coming to CUMC in July 2019, he served as Pastor at Barnett Memorial UMC from July 2018. Pastor Mark and his wife Diane served for 27 years with the General Board of Global Ministries of the UMC. Mark was a professor of New Testament in the John Wesley Seminary in Monterrey, Mexico, one of two seminaries of the Methodist Church of Mexico. Of the five years of service, he served the last two as Academic Dean. Mark and Diane served for 21 years in Madrid, Spain working with the Spanish Evangelical Church (IEE-Iglesia Evangélica Española), a partner church with the UMC. Mark was a professor of New Testament and, for 18 years, Dean of the United Evangelical Theological Seminary (SEUT-Seminario Evangélico Unido de Teología). He also served as Pastor of the Community Church of Madrid from 1987-1990. Since returning to the US in June 2014, Mark has held the position of Director of Non-Degree programs at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH for two years. He then became Director of Hispanic Distributive Learning at the Orlando campus of Asbury Theological Seminary until February 2019.
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